YGPT was conceived to introduce students to the power of Self-Study using internet resources at young age. Nowadays, most students are active on the net, but mainly spend their time on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. and gaming. They are not using the wide variety of learning resources available to enhance their learning.

Young Genius Physics Tournament is an online Physics tournament on Global scale. Its activities will run from 15th September to 22nd December, 2013 and will consist of five rounds of fights culminating in "The Grand Finale" at Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. The registrations will remain open from 15th August to 15th September, 2013. To participate in the tournament, students can individually register or the school can register students through YGPT National Coordinators.

With its unique format of several rounds of fights, the tournament was conceived by leaders in education and pedagogy. This tournament will inculcate spirit of competitiveness and the natural curiosity among students. The aim of the competition is three-fold;

  1. To identify and nurture science talent in the young students and to provide them a platform to showcase and measure their skills globally.

  2. To promote self-learning through the greatest technological revolution in the last decade, the internet. To attract students to the several avenues of learning present online instead of the traditional classroom methods.

    Traditional classroom teaching, though effective, has several shortcomings. The most prominent one is lack of interaction of teacher with every individual student and understanding of individual needs. The gap created can be bridged by the use of technology. Using the internet, the student can study at their own time and in familiar surroundings. Moreover students can study at their own pace, unlike traditional teaching methods where all students must study at the same speed regardless of their grasping abilities. The plethora of interactive audio-visual resources available on the world wide net has made it possible for every student to excel using the methods most suited to them. This initiative is aimed at providing students the opportunity to imbibe these pioneering learning resources in their daily studying routine.

  3. To encourage students to apply Physics in their daily lives. Every physical process is a real-life example of an amalgamation of several theories of physics that students study as part of their curriculum. This competition will encourage the students to identify these laws and theories by analyzing the physical phenomena around them.

Awards & Recognitions

To honor the winners of "Young Genius Physics Tournament" an award presentation ceremony will be held in December 2013 at Jaipur, India. The top 100 students will be invited to Jaipur by IAPT and given a chance to visit and explore The Pink City. The award scheme of YGPT is as follows :

YGPT GOLD medals awarded to 90 percentile and above total score in round 4 and 5.

YGPT SILVER medals awarded to 60 to 90 percentile total score in round 4 and 5.

YGPT BRONZE medals awarded to 30 to 60 percentile total score in round 4 and 5.

YGPT Recognition medals awarded to bottom 30 percentile total score in round 4 and 5.

Top 1% merit certificate awarded to all students in the top 1% after Round 3

Certificate of participation mentioning the level attained will be awarded to every student

* To avoid power failures, students are advised to use Laptops or any other foolproof method.

Participation Fee

There is no fee for the participation.