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Batesville High School Physics

EinsteinLight – University New South Wales, Australia

Fear of Physics

Fermilab Science Resources

Feynman Lectures

Feynman talk on complexities of Physics

Fizzics Fizzle

Flash animations for Physics

Forum for posting doubts and questions

Gravitational models and other simulations

Hyper Physics exploratory environment

Khan Academy

Learn Physics Today

MIT OpenCourseWare

Open Yale courses

Physics Classroom

Physics department, Zonaland school

Physics simulation animations

Repository of Online Courses

Stanford Modern Physics - Classical Mechanics

The Free High School Science Texts

UC Berkeley. Professor Richard A. Muller. Physics for Future Presidents

Udacity Video Courses on web

Walter Lewin’s series of courses at MIT

Wolfram Physics

World’s largest online encyclopedia

Yale University Courses - Introduction to Physics